NEW ASPHALT: We pave using hot asphalt surface mixes 9.5A and 9.5B and D.O.T mixes when called for. We recommend four to six inches of ABC stone to be fine graded and compacted, and then pave with two inches of compacted asphalt.

RESURFACING/OVERLAY: This process is done by cleaning old asphalt and repairing any existing damage. Tack is then installed and a fresh layer of asphalt is added, compacted to one and half inches. 

TAR & GRAVEL:  Also called triple-seal, tar and gravel is an alternative to asphalt paving. After a sufficient base is installed, tar is then placed over the ABC stone, and then a layer of stone goes on top. This process is repeated three times.  Tar and gravel is a surface treatment and will need regular maintenance every few years.

DECORATIVE BROWN STONE:  An organic alternative to traditional black asphalt treatments and tar and gravel, brown stone provides a beautiful and decorative finish to a new or existing driveway. It can be installed over asphalt with tack or may also serve as the finish coat of traditional triple-sealing. The brown stone we use is a washed river stone that comes in a variety of sizes from pea gravel to larger stone.  It adds a special touch to make a regular driveway look extraordinary. 

CLEARING AND GRADING OF LAND:  We clear and grade land, build driveways, haul off debris, remove excess dirt and brush, and make sure the land is suitable for proper water drainage. We also install culverts or do whatever is necessary to help facilitate correct water flow. Unit prices for labor, costs per hour of machines, and a time approximation per job is provided in our proposals.

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